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At the height of his powers, legendary comedian Spike Milligan and his motley crew of comedy writers set up shop above a grocers in London to service the creative community with a highly sought-after joke store. The premise was simple - need to put the funny into your speech, radio ads or television commercials? Then give us a call!

The Punch Up picks up where Milligan left off. We’re a bureau of Australia’s funniest comedy creatives and we’re ready to collaborate on your next project. If you have content that needs to be engagingmemorable and, above all else, funny – we’re the people you need. Our creatives have worked across every possible platform; popular light entertainment and narrative comedy television, radio, print and now you have a direct line to the funniest person in the room.

We’re the class clowns come good and we’ll work with you to enhance your vision and make the process seem like the easiest thing in the world.


Comedy is the business of ideas

Women say the most desired trait in a partner is a good sense of humour, ever wondered why that is? It’d be nice for most of us fuggos to think those women are just being nice to us, but what if all they’re really saying is they want a partner who sees the world the way they do, someone they truly connect with? Because that’s what comedy is:

Comedy is connection.

Comedy is the most efficient way to get your point across or even change a person’s mind, because it slips under your guard and provokes a reaction. We can’t help what we laugh at, but when we do laugh we know exactly who we are. When something cracks us up, it resonates with us. The message sticks in our mind because it’s provoked a physical and emotional response.

If you find yourself asking “why is comedy important to my project?” According to a study published in Adweek, the campaigns millennials remember best are the funny ones: 80% recall ads that made them laugh, but they’re especially harsh in judging brands whose attempts at humour come off as disingenuous.

It’s tough to master comedy, it is most definitely an art. An art we have decades of experience with.

Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.
— Peter Ustinov



What We Do



Got some content that needs some punching up or, as we like to say, a turd that needs polishing? We'll give your existing copy the writers' room treatment so it’s as clear and funny as can be. We’ll tackle anything that relies on the written word and communicate your ideas while making them shine.

  • Short or Long Form Content

  • Narrative Shorts or Features

  • Television or Radio Scripts

  • Private or Corporate Speeches


We don’t just do comedy, but what we do well is ensuring our writing stands out from the pack. If you’re pitching for work and need your treatment to get picked, hit us up, we’ll make your ideas clear and concise and cut through the bullshit so your reader gets exactly what it is you’re communicating.


Got a brief, but you're struggling to find that one idea that will resonate with your audience? Comedy has cut-through like nothing else and we can help you come up with a winning idea. We'll work with you to find a way to turn those LOLs into dollars, LOLlars if you will.

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